Featuring Isha from Delhi

My name is Isha. I am a student of Social Justice in a reputable University in our nation’s capital. Although I have been studying social justice since only last year, seeking justice for society’s downtrodden, be it people or animals, has come naturally to me ever since I was a child.

Helping others is extremely fulfilling but can often involve strenuous physical exertion.  Demanding justice is easy, but demanding it by physically participating in a protesting students’ rally involves braving the scorching Delhi sun. Rescuing an injured street dog miles from your home might sound cute but it might mean you have to carry a bundle of injured joy for miles, just because no cab driver will allow you to take a street dog along for the ride.

People like me who find their calling is to help others, sometimes forget to help themselves. I often go down that same road myself, until I am pulled back by Ma or one of my friends. 

I had pretty much given up on skincare routines. I developed a fear about skincare products in general since they would put all these terrible things in them: paraben, sulphates, alcohol. And don’t even get me started on animal testing! 

That’s when a friend of mine introduced me to IHA. Ethical and cruelty free, delightfully herbal with zero harmful chemicals, I fell in love with IHA’s products at the very first sight. Also, they smell heavenly!

IHA’s Pearl alight skin nourishing facial kit is one of my favourites and effectively compensates for the hours and hours I spend under the sun. It brings back my natural skin shade and adds a natural glow to it, removing the sun tan that makes me feel like I am looking at someone else in the mirror.

IHA’s Pearl alight skin nourishing kit comes with cleansing milk that purifies skin, facial scrub which exfoliates, facial cleanser gel for a deep cleanse, face massage cream for skin rejuvenation, face mask for toning as well as hydration, and nourishing face serum for skin replenishment.

It comes with the anti-ageing benefits of Beetroot that is filled with Vitamin C, which also helps with acne treatment and skin brightening. Among the other major ingredients, blackberry gives our skin a healthy glow and reduces fine lines while pomegranate helps fight bacteria and fungus in our skin.

Whom do I trust to take care of my feet and heels after walking for miles? My one and only choice is IHA’s Boroheal foot wash and scrub that comes with exfoliating Loofah, skin-firming Gotukola, antifungal Neem and detoxifying Cedarwood oil. 

Boroheal gives me an extra mild foot cleansing experience that gently exfoliates dead hard skin, dirt, grime, toxins and infections from my feet or heels. Gotukola, basil and the cedarwood oil present in it remove infections and heal cracks. It makes my feet softer, smoother and healthier!

If you are someone like me who has to face the sun and walk a lot, then IHA is the brand you should turn to for all your skincare needs. Feel the liberating touch of luxury as you discover your true beauty within, thanks to IHA.

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