Returns and Cancellation


You can cancel your order up till 24 hours after placing it by writing to us, however, if your package is already in the process of being shipped, then even if it hasn’t been 24 hours since you’ve ordered it, you can’t cancel it.

To check the status of your order, you can write to us on WhatsApp or email us. A tracking option will be provided to you soon.

Orders placed using offers/promotions can’t be cancelled under any circumstances.

If you’ve already paid for your order and can cancel it successfully, you shall receive a refund within 5-7 working days.

Returns and Replacements

To return and/or replace your order you must flag a concern with our team within 24 hours of the actual time of delivery.

Under what conditions am I eligible for a return/replacement?

  • When you receive the items, you had not ordered.
  • When you’re delivered expired items.
  • When the items you’ve received are damaged.
  • When the items you ordered are missing.

You shall only qualify for a return/replacement if you return the items delivered to you:

  • Unused.
  • Untampered.
  • In their original packaging, and
  • Along with a copy of the original bill (present inside the package).

Returns and replacements are subjective and differ from case to case and depend on the availability of the product. Our team shall study the situation, inspect the returned package, and get back to you within a day of receiving the returned package.

Your claim may or may not be successful. However, you can be assured that if there’s a mistake from our end, or at the delivery partner’s end, we will make up for it.

If your Refund claim is successful, you shall receive your refund within 5-7 working days. 
If the payment was completed online, we would refund the amount in the same bank account.
If the payment was completed by COD, we would ask for a bank account where the refund would be initiated.

If your Replacement claim is successful, you shall receive your new package within 5-7 working days.

If your claim isn’t successful, you’ll be asked if you want the same package back. If you say yes, you’ll be sent the package, and will have to pay the cost of shipping for this entire round.

Cost of returning the package

The shipping cost of having a package from the customer to IHA shall be borne by the customer. We will arrange for a pickup and notify you about the same. If your claim is successful, and you’ve opted for a refund, the amount you’ll receive will be equal to the price you’ve originally paid less the shipping charges.

To cancel your order, you can call/ email to initiate the cancellation.

To return your order, you can call/ email to initiate the refund.

Feel free to get in touch with us on +91 99719 36817 or [email protected] to understand the Return and Cancellation Policy better.