Hear From Our Founder

A glimpse into the working of the team, the culture and the leadership of IHA.

How we got here?

Our Story

IHA offers a line of pure & authentic herbal beauty and personal care products, inspired by India's classic Vedic philosophies. We combine the proven benefits of timeless ingredients from nature with the most modern scientific functionalities to create products that you will fall in love with!

our values

Ethics are important to us and hence, IHA products are cruelty-free, vegetarian, and free of toxins or harmful chemicals! We use the purest of ingredients and never compromise on quality.

our mission

At IHA, we want to keep utilizing our knowledge of nature's gifts and fuse them with modern scientific formulations, to offer superior quality cosmetics and personal care products to our consumers.

our vision

IHA has become one of the leading manufacturers of pure & authentic personal care products in India. Our products have started making a mark across 4/5 major sub-continents.
what sets us apart

Why Us?

IHA firmly believes in Vedic persuasions and regards nature as the harbinger of radiant health & absolute beauty. We use pure, all-natural actives, extracts, and essential oils in the composition of our products. IHA products are 100% vegetarian, cruelty-free, and void of any harmful chemicals.

Our will to achieve perfection, continuous improvement and high benchmarks drive us on this wonderful journey to find the luxury within you.

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