Benefits of the Ingredients in Biospume Shampoo

Benefits of the Ingredients in Biospume Shampoo

IHA’s Biospume shampoo is a toxin-free and eco-friendly herbal shampoo that strengthens the scalp and hair, promotes hair development, prevents hair loss, and reduces dandruff. 

It is proudly made in India with herbal ingredients whose selection has been inspired by the ancient Vedic roots of our nation. The Biospume shampoo of IHA comes with the goodness of Bhringraj, Henna, Shikakai, Hibiscus and Catechu.

Bhringraj is known to increase hair follicles, has antimicrobial properties to prevent dandruff and is even known to have hair darkening properties. Henna is known for its natural dyeing properties. Henna also strengthens hair follicles and lessens hair fall.

Shikakai makes dull hair shiny by curing flaky scalp and also promotes hair growth while Hibiscus strengthens roots, helps with split ends and imparts shine to hair. Catechu keeps the scalp moisturised and has astringent properties too.

IHA’s Biospume shampoo strengthens your hair from the roots to the tips to help curb hair fall and breakage. It helps to eliminate dandruff, control the appearance of flakes, and relieve scalp irritation. It is 100% vegan and contains exceptional moisturising properties. It is packed with hair nourishing vitamins, minerals, and herbs that hydrate and protect your hair.

When your scalp is dry, itchy, or flaky, choosing the right shampoo can be your first line of defense against the uncomfortable, and sometimes embarrassing situations that can occur. It’s essential to choose a shampoo that doesn’t add to your problems when you have a dry scalp.

Biospume Shampoo by IHA is a highly recommended shampoo to avoid these kind of problems and to have a great hair day!!

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