Anti Tan Cleanser Gel – 500gm


Effective for skin blemishes, it whitens complexion and retains natural moisture of skin.

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Our experience with fragrances make IHA products soothing to the core.

Skincare for All

IHA products are unisexual and suitable for all skin types.

Quality First

Made with the finest ingredients, IHA never compromises on quality.

100% Herbal

Contains all-natural actives, extracts and essential oils. No harmful chemicals.

What's Inside?

This delicate facial cleanser is a gentle and effective natural blend of mulberry, licorice and blue lotus in combination with sweet cherry, mulberry & cucumber. This facial cleanser softens your skin, leaving your face smooth, radiant & shining. It gently cleanses the skin while it works to smooth the skin's texture and soften the skin's tone. Your skin will be forever grateful for its new hydrated, vibrant and even toned appearance.

  • Licorice


    Get to know Licorice

    One wonderful herb that has a multitude of benefits is the licorice plant. Its root primarily has been used to treat several disorders since ancient times. It also has many benefits for the skin, which range from offering skin lightening to anti-inflammatory properties. The root of the licorice plant comprises phytochemical constituents that help protect and brighten your skin. It is a plant that grows in Southern Europe and West Asia and has been used to treat various health conditions.

    • Reduces hyper-pigmentation.
    • Has skin lightening properties.
    • Increases antioxidant production.
  • Mulberry


    Get to know Mulberry

    mulberry is a berry that comes from a tree called Morus Alba. We usually think that mulberries are red, but there are white, black, and blue versions of them too. Mulberries are full of nutrients and vitamins. A cup of raw mulberries contains only 60 calories, making them a light and tasty snack, yet providing the nutrients necessary for the body. Mulberries are rich in Vitamin K and C. Vitamin C increases tissue strength and boosts collagen synthesis.

    • Effective anti-ageing agent.
    • Reduces spots and blemishes.
    • Provides elasticity and flexibility to skin.

How to use

Wash your face with fresh water. Apply mulberry & licorice facial cleanser on your face and massage in circular motion for few minutes. Rinse off with fresh water & pat dry.



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