Detan Facewash – 125ml


Potent Turmeric & Saffron power this de-tan facewash to fight daily skin damage

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Our experience with fragrances make IHA products soothing to the core.

Skincare for All

IHA products are unisexual and suitable for all skin types.

Quality First

Made with the finest ingredients, IHA never compromises on quality.

100% Herbal

Contains all-natural actives, extracts and essential oils. No harmful chemicals.

What's Inside?

The Daily De-tean facewash is the perfect companion to fight the tough tan that makes our skin dry and dull. Made with the magical botanicals like Turmeric and saffron, this facewash ensures deep de-tanning of your face. When used regularly, this speacial concoction gets rid of the sunburns, skin pigmentations and provides a healthy glow to your face. Made for all skin types and ages to get a healthy, hydrated, de-tanned face all day.

  • Saffron


    Get to know Saffron

    The fragrant spice saffron, known as 'kesar' in Hindi, might be the most expensive spice in the world. Besides being used to flavour special dishes, saffron has been known to possess numerous beauty benefits. It has been a time-honoured ingredient in nurturing skin, making it blemish free and radiant.

    • Anti-bacterial & Anti- microbial.
    • Reduces pigmentation.
    • Quickens skin recovery.
  • Turmeric


    Get to know Turmeric

    Everyone in an Indian household has grown up consuming turmeric. Being one of the most commonly used masalas, turmeric is known for its medicinal properties. Commonly called Haldi, it is one of the key ingredients in foods as well as in some of the beauty and skincare products. One of the key active chemicals in turmeric is curcumin, which has powerful anti-inflammatory effects as well as a strong antioxidant. It also is great for issues like acne and hyperpigmentation which is why using turmeric face packs is an amazing way to get glowing skin.

    • Freshens up dull skin.
    • Soothes irritated & acne prone skin.
    • Acts as a natural humectant.



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